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What we do

We are fanatical about WordPress and Supporting folks who work on WordPress. If you are a business with a WordPress Website, a designer or developer, you’ve got seconds — not minutes — to make a positive first impression with your clients. . . to grab their interest, tell your story, and get them to react (maybe even smile or laugh), plus entice them to spend more time, dig deeper, and choose you over your competitors. And then. . . You know the story. It keeps you awake at night. That’s where we, WPHappy, come in. Start-up or mom and pop. Small or medium-sized business. Even if you’re a big-name global corporation. B2B or B2C. We’ll work with you on all things WordPress to make your project a success and manage it for you for every day for a low flat fee.



Why clients choose us

Consider our WordPress services. Ours got you this far, didn’t it?  Yours will have the same magical control over your site visitors with our WordPress Support backing you up. And you’ll have fun during the whole process, because we’ll listen to you. We’ll understand your needs, goals, and competitive environment. Then we’ll whip your message into a shape that’ll get you all excited and tingly. Which is how your site visitors will feel too. But there is this disclaimer: When it’s all done, you’ll still have trouble sleeping. . . because your new level of success is just so darned exciting.


Don’t have a WordPress Site already? No issues. We can help. We can offer you premium themes or custom build, depending on your time, budget and audience. Our Websites are built with the latest Developer Favorites like Bootstrap, LESS, Modernizer. These come as standard with our WordPress sites. This standards based approach helps you dive right in without learning new skills.

With over 1000 successful WordPress websites completed, we have learned a thing or two about how best to help clients with the WordPress CMS. We design, develop, optimize and enhance WordPress for a range of industries/verticals. No matter what your business is we can help you to leverage the WP CMS to your advantage.

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We provide WordPress services to Businesses, Designers, Developers, Agencies, and Internet marketing consultants. With the WP CMS being so versatile every client has particular project need. We are our client’s go to WordPress agency. As a team passionate about making the internet a better place, we partner with our clients to perfect the WP CMS for their clients or their own business.

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We are a group of nerdy designers, developers and project managers. Our Headquarters is in Los Angeles with offices in San Francisco,  the home of WordPress. We are part of the Official WordPress Group in SIlicon Vallye as well as the Google HTML5 Developer Group. We provide WordPress  services to clients across the globe and would be happy to talk with you about your project/s and support you.

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We are always around, and it’s super easy to get in touch with us.

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